Monday, February 9, 2015

Want a Russian View of the Global Chess Match?

It is pretty clear that strategic moves are underway all over the global chess board these days. Two of the most visible locations are Greece and the Ukraine where the US led west and the Russia/China led east are vying for strategic gains. But by no means are those the only places moves are being made.

Do you ever wonder how the Russian media looks at how the US operates in these areas of the world? Wonder no more. Here is a pretty comprehensive global rundown in the Sputnik News that looks at things from a Russian point of view. Below are some quotes from the article.

"The US is constructing a global system of bilateral and multilateral alliances to assist it in more efficiently projecting power throughout the 21st century. As the world moves towards multipolarity, the US is prepared to exploit this trend to its geopolitical advantage."

"Instead of ‘going it alone’ as Bush was prone to do, the US is now finding ways to get others to do its dirty work by convincing its ‘partners’ that they have a shared interest in doing so. During the 2011 War on Libya, France and the UK took the helm while the US, as it was described, “Led From Behind”. A New York Times editorial at the time defined this as “discreet US military assistance with [others] doing the trumpeting”. Four years later, this concept has grown out of its Libyan test tube and gone global, with the US setting up similar alliance systems all throughout the world in order to indirectly project its will in key regions. As the cynical saying goes, “Why do for yourself what others can do for you?”


The article goes on to take the reader on a tour around the globe to describe how the US works behind the scenes to extend its influence. The tour covers:

-Latin America 

-Europe & Eastern Europe

-Africa (east and west)

-Persian Gulf

-South Asia

-Southeast Asia

-East Asia

Of course, if the US is active in all these areas of the world, we can be sure that Russia and China are as well. When dramatic events unfold around the world, keep this in mind. There are very powerful interests lurking in the background all the time. And they all have intelligence agencies whose job is to influence public opinion to be favorable towards their country. This is why getting to the truth is difficult to impossible many times. It's also why reading articles from various media sources can be worthwhile. It's easier to see the spin being given to a particular event by both sides. A healthy skepticism can be a useful tool before just blindly accepting the spin presented by one side or the other.

added note: In this article that appears in Russia Today (RT) Mr. Putin says the US started the problem in the Ukraine.  Of course, the US says Mr. Putin has created the problem. All we know for sure is that innocent civilians are suffering and dying. The situation has only continued to ramp up so we have to continue to follow it.

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