Saturday, February 7, 2015

Time Out for some Hayden Hope!

We cover a lot of serious topics here on the blog. Every now and then we take timeout from all that to enjoy something different and fun. Today it's Hayden Hope time.

I have a cousin who lives in Wyoming who has always loved the piano. When her son came into the world, it was no surprise that he would be exposed to music at an early age. Indeed, that is what happened. He has demonstrated some pretty good piano skills. Very good actually. Some might say amazing!  He's 13 now and he seems to be coming along well. Have a listen below and see what you think. 

We have a major international piano competition in Ft. Worth, Texas. It's called the Van Cliburn. Hayden looks like he is ready to me. Just sayin'.             Enjoy!

"A Thousand Years"

Havin Some Fun at the Piano Store
(on a $150,000 Steinway)

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