Tuesday, February 17, 2015

News Update: Ukraine, Greece situations still unpredictable

This is a just a brief update post on the latest news articles on these two important stories. In the Ukraine it is hard to tell how successful the ceasefire is so far. Apparently, in some places it is holding up. In other places it is not. The situation remains fluid and far from resolved there.

In Greece, both sides seem firmly dug in with no progress reported Monday which was supposed to be a very important deadline type day. But who really knows when hard ball negotiations are in progress. Until one or both sides blinks, it is not possible to know what a true deadline might be. If neither blink, this situation will enter a whole new world. But we are not at that point yet apparently.

Here are links to the latest relevant news articles:

BBC - Army and Rebels stall heavy arms pullout

US State Department Release

NY Times - Ceasefire grows more fragile

Sputnik News - Putin, Merkel Discuss Donbas Situation

News articles related to Greece:

CNBC - Greece Defies Creditors

UK Telegraph - Greek crisis talks collapse in acrimony

ABC News - Eurozone issues Greece an Ultimatum

Hellenic Shipping News - Greece's Tsipras has to watch left flank as well as EU

The Guardian - Pressure mounting to get a deal

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